Rules and Standards of Conduct


1.1.      Standards of Conduct and Dress Code

1.1.1.      You are expected to maintain the highest standards of conduct at all times.  This covers your dealings with other employees, Board members, volunteers, athletes, outside organisations, members of the media and government departments and others with which Skateboard GB does business. 

1.1.2.      You should ensure that Skateboard GB’s resources are used properly and economically, recognising Skateboard GB’s accountability for public funding.

1.1.3.      In addition to complying with the terms and conditions set out in the policies and procedures, you are also expected to adhere to the instructions of managers and other employees to whom you may be responsible and to co-operate fully in the application of Skateboard GB policies. 

1.1.4.      For individuals who may come into contact with children or vulnerable adults, a criminal records bureau check may be requested.

1.1.5.      At the commencement of your employment you will have provided Skateboard GB with various personal details.  You should notify Skateboard GB immediately of any change, e.g. name, address, telephone number, next of kin etc.  It is in your interest to notify Skateboard GB of any such changes.  Skateboard GB will not be responsible for any issues arising out of your failure to notify changes in your personal details.

1.1.6.      The dress code is reasonably relaxed, although you are generally expected to dress in a way that is suitable for business. There may be times when you are asked to dress more formally as the occasion demands and guidance will be provided by the Senior Management Team. 

1.1.7.      The requirements of particular faiths to wear specific types of clothing or to dress modestly will be respected so long as the item of clothing does not pose a hazard to the health and safety of employees, does not contravene any reasonable and legitimate requirements of Skateboard GB and does not have a negative impact on any other person.

1.2.      Meetings

1.2.1.      Meetings of the Board:                  You may need to attend these meetings in a professional capacity.  You may not vote, and should only speak through, and with the permission of, the Chair of the meeting.  These meetings provide opportunities for wide ranging discussion and exchange of views by the members of the group, as well as being part of the decision making process.  You should offer your professional advice and opinion, even if this conflicts with your personal view.

1.2.2.      External meetings:                  You may be attending external meetings as a representative of Skateboard GB.  It is important to remember that all policy matters, including financial/work/activity commitments should be referred back to the appropriate Skateboard GB employee/line manager, unless you have been given specific authority to make a commitment.  You should at all times present a positive and professional image of Skateboard GB and should not criticise the actions or behaviour of Skateboard GB officers, members or other colleagues.

1.2.3.      Internal meetings:                  At these meetings you will be able to put forward your own professional view which may differ from current Skateboard GB policy.  However, you should put forward and comment on the actions and activities of committees/divisions in a constructive manner.  Comment on colleagues’ views should also be presented constructively and you should always refrain from personal criticism.                  There will be times when you may visit organisations or do other activities in your own time.  On these occasions you should remember that you may still be seen as the voice of Skateboard GB.

1.3.      Statutory Obligations

1.3.1.      You must comply with statutory obligations governing the performance of your duties.  These include but are not limited to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, Computer Misuse Act, Data Protection Act, Public Interest Disclosure Act, Equality Act 2010, Health and Safety at Work legislation, Human Rights Act and the UK Bribery Act.  If you wish to see copies of the Acts, please speak to the Chief Executive.

1.4.      Computer Technology

1.4.1.      Further information is provided in the IT Policy.

1.4.2.      When using computers, computer software and information/data held on computer systems you should do so in a responsible way and safeguard Skateboard GB’s legal position. In no circumstances are you permitted to view, download, create, circulate, distribute or store pornographic/obscene material or any other material which a reasonable person would find distasteful or offensive. Skateboard GB reserves the right to inspect emails and other computer and telephone records where it has grounds to suspect misuse.  You should:                  not make or use, nor permit others to make or use, unauthorised copies of computer software, including associated documentation and back-up copies, without the express consent of the copyright owner of the software;                  not access a computer system or computer held information and data without proper authority;                  not make unauthorised amendments to the contents of any computer system;                  not disclose or use computerised data for any purpose other than the proper purposes for which Skateboard GB holds the data;                  comply with all standing instructions issued from time to time on computer use particularly in regard to protection of our systems against virus corruption;                  not install unauthorised software without express written permission of the IT Administrator.

1.4.3.      Skateboard GB’s computing systems (including hardware, software and databases) are to be used only for Skateboard GB business.  You are allowed to use your lunch hour and outside business hours to produce personal letters etc subject to requirements outlined in 4.1.

1.4.4.      Any conduct which is inconsistent with the requirements of this section may be regarded as gross misconduct.

1.5.      Proprietary Rights

1.5.1.      Any proprietary rights conceived, discovered or created during or by reason of your employment by Skateboard GB will belong to Skateboard GB absolutely.  You should notify Skateboard GB immediately of any such rights and provide all information and assistance which might be required by Skateboard GB to secure the benefit of such rights vesting in Skateboard GB.

1.6.      Confidentiality

1.6.1.      In the performance of your duties you should respect the confidentiality of any information which you may receive or obtain whilst you are employed by Skateboard GB, which relates to Skateboard GB, its members or its business.  You should not disclose any secrets or other information of a confidential nature relating to Skateboard GB or its business, or in respect of any obligation of confidence which Skateboard GB owes to any third party, during or after your employment except in the proper course of your employment or as required by law.

1.6.2.      Provision of information or comment to the press or media is a sensitive issue and you should be cautious if approaches are made to you by persons whose job it is to obtain information.  It is a proper function of Skateboard GB to provide comment on sporting and recreation matters to the press and media which will be attributed to Skateboard GB.  Such comment or information should be provided at a senior level and you should refer requests as appropriate to your manager or the Chief Executive.  If you have any doubts about the propriety of disclosure of information you should decline to comment and seek guidance.  You should not, without the prior approval of the Chief Executive, write any article for the press or otherwise for publication or speak on radio, television or in public on any matter connected with or relating to the affairs of Skateboard GB.  Where comment is given, it should reflect Skateboard GB policy.  All communications should be signed off by the Chief Executive, a member of the Senior Management Team or Skateboard GB Chair before distribution.

1.6.3.      Breaches of confidentiality may be regarded as gross misconduct.

1.6.4.      These requirements do not remove your statutory rights under the Public Interest Disclosure Act.

1.6.5.      If requested by Skateboard GB, all confidential information, other documents and tangible items which contain or refer to any confidential information, and which are in your possession or under your control, should be deleted or destroyed.

1.7.      Correspondence

1.7.1.      It is Skateboard GB policy that correspondence, which includes faxes, E-Mails, text messages and voicemail messages, may be signed by individual employees and you will be given general guidance as to your authority in this respect.  In exercising this authority, you should be mindful, not only of disclosure of confidential information, but also of the fact that correspondence bearing Skateboard GB name will be treated as reflecting Skateboard GB policy or may be of a nature which would commit Skateboard GB in law.  In these and other sensitive or contentious areas you should obtain approval of a draft of the correspondence from your manager or the Chief Executive and have such approval evidenced by initialling of the file copy of the correspondence.  

1.8.      Outside Interests/Other Employment

1.8.1.      You are required to devote the whole of your time, attention and abilities during your hours of work to your duties with Skateboard GB and may not undertake any other work during this time.

1.8.2.      You may not, without the prior written consent of the Chief Executive, be engaged or interested either directly or indirectly in any capacity in any trade, business or occupation whatsoever.  This restriction applies whether or not you or others connected with you gain financial or other benefit from such engagement or interest.  Any consents given under this clause may be withdrawn on provision to you of written reasons for the withdrawal.

1.8.3.      The purpose of this clause is to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Subject to the requirement of avoiding conflicts of interest the provisions of this clause do not apply to participation in activities which are recreational or social.  Nor do they apply to any interest in shares of a publicly quoted company which represents less than 10% of the issued shares of any class in that company.  You are required to sign a yearly conflict of interest disclosure.

1.8.4.      If you do engage in any other employment, you should notify Skateboard GB in writing of hours worked elsewhere to enable Skateboard GB to comply with its statutory obligations.

1.9.      Independence - Gifts and inducements and the UK Bribery Act

1.9.1.      Skateboard GB is committed to conducting its affairs fairly, honestly and openly and has a zero tolerance towards bribery.  Its stance on anti-bribery is shown in the Anti-Bribery Policy.

1.9.2.      In general, you should not accept gifts or hospitality as an inducement (or which could reasonably be interpreted by others as being an inducement) to behave in a certain way.  This is a matter of judgement given the nature of the gift or hospitality and the circumstances in which they are offered, and if you are in any doubt you should consult your line manager or the Chief Executive.  In exercising this judgement, regard should be given to the timing of the offer of the gift or hospitality.  For example, extreme caution should be exercised if a gift or an offer of hospitality is offered in the period leading up to a partner contract negotiation.  Consideration should also be given to the scale of the hospitality offered.  It is not acceptable to accept gifts or hospitality that are unduly lavish in nature.

1.9.3.      In order to foster transparency, Skateboard GB keeps a Gifts and Hospitality Register which is maintained by the Chief Executive.  General guidance as to what is acceptable, not acceptable and recordable is shown below:

1.9.4.      Types of gifts and hospitality that are acceptable and not recordable in the Gifts and Hospitality Register:                  Gifts of a token nature such as pens, key rings, pin badges, calendars etc.                  Modest lunches and dinners to further business relationships.                  Invitations from Alliance members to attend their sporting events.

1.9.5.      Types of gifts and hospitality that are acceptable but recordable in the Gifts and Hospitality Register:                  Gifts of a non-token nature (e.g. Christmas boxes, wine etc.) and all gifts with a value of over £50.                  Invitations to events (such as Sporting events, theatre tickets, golf days etc.) from any individuals or organisations who are not Skateboard GB members.

1.9.6.      Note that all offers of gifts and hospitality that fall into this category should be recorded whether accepted or not.

1.9.7.      Recording of gifts or hospitality should be made by emailing the Chief Executive.  Offers should be recorded whether accepted or not and the form should be completed within 14 days of receipt of the offer. 

1.9.8.      Gifts and hospitality that are not acceptable:                  Gifts of cash or cash equivalents such as store vouchers.                  Travel costs to or from events.                  Overnight accommodation costs.

1.9.9.      Gifts given by Skateboard GB should be of a token nature only (e.g. pens, pin badges, key rings, calendars, umbrellas).  Any gifts of a non-token nature require the prior approval of the Chief Executive.

1.9.10.   It is acknowledged that there may be occasions where it is not clear into which category an offer of a gift or hospitality falls, in which case the employee should consult their line manager.

1.10.  Processing of Personal Data

1.10.1.   Data Protection legislation regulates the way in which certain data about yourself, both in paper and electronic form, is held and used.  The following will give you some useful information in terms of the type of data that Skateboard GB keeps about you and the purposes for which this is kept.

1.10.2.   Throughout employment and for as long as is necessary after the termination of employment, Skateboard GB will need to process data about you for purposes connected with your employment, including your recruitment and termination of your employment.  Processing includes the collection, storage, retrieval, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data.

1.10.3.   The kind of data that Skateboard GB will process includes:               any references obtained during recruitment               details of terms of employment               payroll details               tax and national insurance information               details of job duties               details of health and sickness absence records               details of holiday records               information about performance               details of any disciplinary investigations and proceedings           training records           contact names and addresses           correspondence with Skateboard GB and other information that you have given Skateboard GB           ID/police checks (please refer to Section1)

1.10.4.   Skateboard GB believes that those records used are consistent with the employment relationship between Skateboard GB and yourself and with the data protection principles.  The data Skateboard GB holds will be for management and administrative use only but Skateboard GB may, from time to time, need to disclose some data it holds about you to relevant third parties (e.g. where legally obliged to do so by HM Revenues and Customs or where requested to do so by yourself for the purpose of giving a reference).

1.10.5.   In some cases, Skateboard GB may hold sensitive data, as defined by the legislation, about you.  For example, this could be information about health, racial or ethnic origin, criminal convictions, trade union membership or political or religious beliefs.  This information may be processed not only to meet Skateboard GB’s legal responsibilities but, for example, for purposes of personnel management and administration, suitability for employment and to comply with equal opportunity legislation.  Since this information is considered sensitive, the processing of which may cause concern or distress, you will be asked to give express consent for this information to be processed, unless Skateboard GB has a specific legal requirement to process such data.

1.10.6.   You may, within a period of forty days of your written request or, where applicable, a period of forty days from the payment of the fee, inspect and/or have a copy, subject to the requirements of the legislation, of information in your own personnel file and/or other specified personal data and, if necessary, require corrections should such records be faulty.  If you wish to do so you should make a written request to your line manager.  An administration fee of £10 may be required by Skateboard GB.

1.10.7.   Skateboard GB is entitled to change the above provisions at any time at its discretion.

1.11.  Involvement in Legal Proceedings

1.11.1.   If you are arrested on any charge and refused bail or are convicted by a court of any criminal offence (except a traffic offence for which the penalty has not included imprisonment or the suspension of driving licence) you should arrange for the Chief Executive to be notified orally as soon as possible.  Further action will be taken by Skateboard GB only if the involvement in legal proceedings is related to your job or Skateboard GB’s reputation and it is considered that further action is appropriate.