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Skateboard GB select skateboarders on the basis of their previous performance at international events, their current performances in 2019 and their potential to gain qualification to the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

How the selection process works

The selection process for Skateboard GB utilises various attributes for deciding team members. These include current world ranking, recent competition results, historic competition standings, potential for the future, progression and potential.

Skateboard GB was awarded funding from UK Sport in December 2018 to support 5 skateboarders to qualify for the Olympic Games in 2020.

Although the UK Sport Aspiration Funding only has allocation of budget to fund 5 skaters at this current time, Skateboard GB can register other riders to international competitions, but the costs for travel, accommodation and entry has to be paid for by the individual.

Skateboard GB is currently in the process of working with UK Sport, Sport England and the Home Nation skateboarding governing bodies to create a talent pathway and performance programme to give British skateboarders the best opportunity to take part in future Olympic Games.