Nominations Committee Terms of Reference

1.1.      Background

Skateboard GB is recognised as the official umbrella body for skateboarding and is a member of the British Roller Sports Federation.

Skateboard GB is committed to building and maintaining a reliable and responsible federation that will benefit all its members moving forward into the 2020 Olympic Games.


1.2.      Purpose & Role

1.2.1.      The Nominations Committee is a  sub-committee  of  the  Skateboard GB  Board  which meets when necessary to scrutinise and recommend potential members to the Board. The Committee is authorised by the Board to seek any information it requires from any board member or employee of SBGB in order to perform its duties.

1.3.1.      The Nominations Committee has the following objectives:                  lead the process for Board appointments and make recommendations to the Board                  lead the process for Board Succession and make recommendations to the Board                  Plan for succession for both Executive and Independent Directors as appropriate, to include the Chair of SBGB                  The re-appointment of any Independent Director at the conclusion of their specified term of office as appropriate                  Any matters relating to the continuation in office of any Director at any time                  The Nomination Committee shall ensure together with the CEO that a full, and thorough induction is in place for any new Board members                  Make available its terms of reference explaining clearly its role and the authority delegated to it by the Board upon request                  Ensure that on appointment to the Board, all Directors receive a formal letter of appointment setting out clearly what is expected of them in terms of time commitment, Committee service and involvement outside Board meetings


1.4.      Membership, Composition and Meetings

1.4.1.      The Committee should consist of a minimum four (4) members appointed by the Main Board including:                  SBGB Senior Independent Board Director – Governance & Finance                 SBGB Independent Director                 SBGB Chair                 One other Director


1.4.2.      The Nominations Committee will facilitate recruitment to the Board and for ensuring that the Board Skills Matrix is reviewed on an annual basis.

1.4.3.      The Committee will meet at least as required, with timings dictated by the SBGB Board Appointments Register or when a Board member steps down from their duties outside of their normal tenure. The Chair of the Committee may convene additional meetings as they deem necessary.

1.4.4.      Committee meetings will normally be attended by the CEO.  The Committee may ask any other officials of the organisation to attend to assist it with its discussions on any particular matter.

1.4.5.      The Committee may ask any or all of those who normally attend but who are not members to withdraw to facilitate open and frank discussion of particular matters.

1.4.6.      Notices of meetings shall contain information relating to venue, time, date and agenda. Papers to meetings shall be circulated at least one week before the date of the meeting.


1.5.      Quorum

1.5.1.      A quorum of 3 Board members is necessary to convene a meeting.


1.6.      Voting

1.6.1.      Each full member of the Nominations Committee shall have one vote; a majority of all voting members present shall be required for any decision. The Chairman will have a casting vote if votes are tied.