Health and Safety

1.1.      Health and Safety Statement

1.1.1.      Skateboard GB attaches great importance to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of all employees.  To achieve this, your full co-operation is required.  Skateboard GB complies fully with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant statutory provisions. Skateboard GB regards the promotion of health and safety measures as an objective to be shared by management and employees at all levels.  It willingly accepts its duty to consult staff with a view to promoting a healthy and safe working environment.

1.1.2.      Skateboard GB expects you to have regard to the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Acts, namely that whilst at work you will take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions and you will co-operate with Skateboard GB so far as is necessary to enable it to perform or comply with any duty laid upon it by the Act or other relevant legislation.

1.1.3.      The Chief Executive is responsible for the arrangements for implementing Skateboard GB health and safety policy.

1.1.4.      The Skateboard GB will take all reasonable steps to ensure your well-being and safety whilst at work.  If you become aware of any potential hazard or unsafe working conditions, you should have no hesitation raising them with management.

1.1.5.      You are required to take all reasonable steps to safeguard your health and safety, and that of any other person who may be affected by your actions.

1.1.6.      You should report to management all incidents, no matter how small.

1.2.      Display Screen Equipment

1.2.1.      It is the policy of Skateboard GB to comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 utilising the Guidance given in booklet L26 published by the Health and Safety Executive.  Users should be aware of the regulations and of contributing factors to health problems related to computer work.

1.2.2.      All staff should be aware that excessive use of display screen equipment could be detrimental to their health and therefore should ensure to plan breaks into their work programme to prevent fatigue, visual and mental demands.  The length of the break is not set down by law.  Needs vary depending on work done.

1.2.3.      Health problems linked to the use of VDUs are:                     upper limb disorders                     temporary eye strain and headaches                     fatigue and stress

1.2.4.      Users can request a yearly eye test that will be paid for by Skateboard GB