Governance: General Structure

Skateboard GB Ltd is a company limited by guarantee, Registered in England No. 11000889.

The members of Skateboard GB, who represent a constituent nation of Great Britain from time to time and at the date of adoption of the articles, representing the relevant Nations are:

(a)   the nations of England & Wales which are represented by Skateboard England (a company limited by guarantee with Company No. 09861477 whose registered office is is at Unit 6 Acorn Business Park, Woodseats Close, Sheffield, S8 0TB);

(b)   the nation of Scotland which is represented by Skateboard Scotland (an unincorporated association of members whose office is at 52 Silverknowles Road East, Edinburgh, EH4 5NY); and

(c)   the nation of Northern Ireland which is represented by Skateboard:NI C.I.C. (a company limited by guarantee without share capital, Community Interest Company Company No. NI633800 whose registered office is at 71 Old Mill Park, Dundonald, Belfast, Antrim, BT16 1WF);

Two representatives from each home nation sit as the directors of Skateboard GB.

There are two Independent Non-Executive Directors appointed to the Board of Skateboard GB.

The members of Skateboard GB have agreed a memorandum of understanding that governs how they shall work together to achieve the aims of the Company.

For the avoidance of doubt, each home nation governing body is wholly responsible for the development, promotion and management of skateboarding within its own territory.

Corporate Governance Structure
Skateboard GB’s Board is the ultimate decision-making body, responsible for the management of Skateboard GB’s business. 

Skateboard GB is responsible for:
- the preparation, selection and performance of men’s and women’s Great Britain skateboarding squads and their preparation in the Olympic Games.
- providing a representative to represent the interests of Skateboard GB on the National Olympic Committee of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
- representing the interest of Skateboard GB related to the Olympic Games or such other organisations as may be appropriate.
- the preparation, selection and performance of both men’s and women’s Great Britain talent skateboarders and officials and the participation in any event or development activity in which a Great Britain talent identified skateboarder or official is involved.

Board of Directors

The members of the Board are the Directors of Skateboard GB Ltd for the purposes of the Companies Act and comprises:

  • The Chair

  • Six Home Nations Directors, including the Chair

  • The Chief Executive Officer

  • Two Independent Directors

Board of Directors

The Board has appointed a number of sub-committees including:

  • The Nominations Committee

  • The Finance & Risk Committee

  • The Selection Panel

The Selection Panel is made up of:

  • Chief Executive - in a non-voting capacity

  • Skateboard GB Team Manager

  • A representative from each Home Nation Skateboarding Governing Body

  • An independent Advisor

Articles of Association

Board Terms of Reference

Minutes of Directors Meetings

Annual Reports & Finance

Nomination Committee TOR

Finance & Risk Committee TOR

Policies and Guidance

Skateboard GB has policies and guidance documents in place to help us keep the sport moving forward and achieve the highest standards of best practice.

The governing body is committed to safeguarding and promoting the interests of those who take part in skateboarding at all levels. Our policies, regulations and guidance procedures are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect best practice. They are relevant to all members of our skateboarding community.

Anti-Doping Policy

Customer Charter

Rules & Standards of Conduct

Equality & Diversity

Comments & Complaints

Grievance Policy

Health & Safety

Safeguarding Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Diversity Action Plan